South East Air Mail Society

Constitution and By-Laws

As adopted on February 9, 2002

Article I: Name

The name of the organization shall be the South East Air Mail Society, hereafter referred to as SEAMS.  This organization shall be a non for profit membership organization.

Article II: Purpose

The South East Air Mail Society is a membership organization, associated with the American Air Mail Society ("AAMS"), the purposes of which are:

1. To promote air mail stamp collecting and aerophilately in general.

2. To provide a mechanism through which members may exchange ideas and sources.

3. To educate the public, the dealer, and other stamp collectors about aerophilately.

4. To promote needed research in aerophilately.

5. To support the development of aerophilately throughout the Southeastern United States.

Article III: Membership, Voting and Dues

Non-Voting Members:
Any interested individual or organization holding sustaining membership in SEAMS. A Sustaining Membership will be granted to any individual who donates $100.00 to SEAMS and is approved by the Board of Directors.


  1. 1. The right of an individual member to vote shall be conditioned upon the payment of dues prior to the business meeting of that meeting.

B. AFFILIATION: SEAMS is to be affiliated with the American Air Mail Society.


  1. To be a member in good standing one must pay dues $5.00 per year.  The first twelve members shall be known as CHARTER MEMBERS. At the time of Charter membership, they must be an AAMS member.
  2. SEAMS dues shall be set and payable by the membership at the annual meeting which concurs with the
    Peach State Stamp Show.
  3. SEAMS members are encouraged to be members of the AAMS

Article IV: Officers

A. The officers of this organization shall consist of a President, a Vice President (appointed by the president), and a Secretary/Treasurer. The Terms of office shall be for terms of one (1) year.

B. The officers of this organization and the Immediate Past President (ex-officio) shall constitute the Board of Directors.

C. The President and Secretary/Treasurer shall be elected by a majority vote of the members present at at the annual meeting which concurs with the Peach State Stamp Show.

D. The President, with the concurrence of Board of Directors, shall appoint any such committees as deemed necessary to the functioning of the organization.

Article V: Powers and Duties of the Convention, the Officers, the Board of Directors, and of Committees

A. Any voting member of this organization may propose motions, make or second motions, and be elected to office.

B. Officers of this organization shall perform the usual functions of officers as prescribed by Roberts Rules of Order Revised, unless otherwise provided herein or by the Board of Directors. The Secretary/Treasurer of this organization, in addition to the usual duties of such office, shall forward
to the President the names of all voting members as received. The Secretary/Treasurer shall furnish a financial report at each meeting of the Board of Directors.

C. The Board of Directors shall be the governing body of this organization between meetings, provided that it shall make no policy decisions or take no actions in conflict with existing decisions or actions of the convention.

D. All committee members shall be appointed by the resident.

Article VI: Meetings

A regular meeting of this organization shall be held once a year, to be known as the annual Convention (Meeting) which concurs with the Peach State Stamp Show. Other meetings may be called by the President to coincide with any statewide stamp show. A majority of all of the delegates
certified and seated at the convention shall constitute a quorum to do business.

Article VII: Procedure

In the absence of provisions contained herein, all procedures of this organization shall be governed by Roberts Rules of Order Revised.

Article VIII: Amendments

These By-Laws may be amended at any annual convention of this organization by a simple majority vote of those present and voting according to voting procedures contained herein, provided that such proposed amendment shall be read from the floor in the first section of new Business and provided
further that such proposed amendment shall be presented in writing to all the board members thirty (30) days prior to the first day of the Convention (Meeting).

Article IX: Communications

It shall be the responsibility of each member to provide a current eMail address to the Secretary/Treasurer. eMail is the official means of communications.


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